The Hen House


Longarm Quilting

  • Edge-to-edge quilting---------------  .02/sq inch

  • Semi-Custom-------------------------  .03/sq inch

    • Not accepting custom work at this time

  • Custom---------------------------------  .04-.06/sq inch 

    • Not accepting custom work at this time

  • Minimum Charge edge-to-edge--- $35.00

  • Minimum Charge Custom-----------$55.00

    • Not accepting custom work at this time

Contact me to discuss which patterns I offer, I am always updating my design library!


Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 Cotton/poly blend:

  • 96" Wide-------------------------------  $7.00/yard

  • 120" Wide-----------------------------  $10.00/yard

Hobbs Tuscany 100% Wool:

  • 96" Wide-------------------------------  $12.00/yard

Warm and Natural:

  • 90" Wide------------------------------- $10.00/yard


  • Machine (one side only)----------  $30.00

  • Hand sewn and finished with mitered corners- .16/inch

Piecing a back------------------ $10.00/seam